Leave A Legacy

Leaving a will is the most effective way to ensure that those closest to you have a bright future to look forward to. By including a gift in your will, you can also ensure that this promise for a brighter future extends to less privileged people living in countries and communities ravaged by war or plagued by tuberculosis.

The People You Can Help 

Sadly, the wounds of war do not heal with ceasefire and peace treaties alone. Landmines and other leftover explosives cause tragic accidents and pose a barrier to development and economic growth long after the official end of conflicts. Likewise, the spread of TB, the world’s leading cause of death due to an infectious disease, cuts lives full of hope and promise short.

But a reversal of fortune for victims of war and TB is possible thanks to the gift you can make in your will to APOPO. Your generosity can help train more African giant pouched rats to detect landmines and evaluate sputum samples more swiftly and efficiently. Together we can prevent unnecessary long-term pain and suffering and offer a bright future for generations to come.

Gloria’s Story

Gloria Tikki is a widowed grandmother who was often forced to grow crops in a landmine-infested field, leaving herself and her family in an unsafe situation. Because of APOPO’s mine clearance, her life was changed. “We can work in our fields, and my grandchildren play without fear,” Gloria said of APOPO’s demining efforts.

It’s Easier Than You Think

You can leave a legacy today for as little as $1!

Today, $1 allows APOPO to clear 1 square meter of land–this makes it easy for you to calculate the impact you can make. With a gift of $2000, for example, you can ensure that APOPO will clear 2000 square meters of land of life-threatening mines.

Consider Gloria’s experience: this is the legacy that you can leave — and you can start now.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about leaving a legacy to APOPO in your Will you can contact us using the form below or email us at herorats@apopo.org.