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Our HeroTREEs project plays a proactive role in safeguarding our climate and planet. By planting trees we offset the world's carbon footprint and give back to communities in the process.

The Uluguru Mountain Forest in Tanzania is known for its unique biodiversity and is one of the top priorities for biodiversity conservation in Africa. APOPO in partnership with Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), is training farmers in sustainable organic agro-ecological practices, helping to protect the environment and safeguard the futures of the communities that live there, by improving soil and water quality, improving food security, reducing poverty and preserving biodiversity.


Local farming communities in Tanzania face many challenges such as lack of knowledge on production, lack of capital, inappropriate farm management, harsh weather conditions and limited access to markets. Using slash-and-burn methods for agriculture has placed a huge demand on the Uluguru mountain’s indigenous forests, which have been shrinking exponentially with over 50 villages living right under the forest line. We want to help these communities and plant trees to help stop climate change.


SAT teaches small-holder farmers sustainable methods to revitalize their land – planting trees alongside their crops and teaching smart organic agriculture skills that produce natural fertilizers – leading to higher crop yields, increased income and food security. With this comes resilience to a changing climate and the possibility that farmers will share their experiences with their communities. The planting of trees will also sequester CO2, reducing climate change on a global level.

Long-Term Impact

HeroTREEs will promote sustainable farming practices for the mountain village communities, and through training, these communities will practice environmentally conscious agriculture that reduces the strain on forests and other natural resources, preventing climate change. Planting 35 species of indigenous tree maintains biodiversity, improving soil fertility and providing fuel, timber, fodder, fruit and spices, medicine, windbreaks, the ability to start beehives and grow cash crops.

Thanks to the HeroTREEs project, hundreds of local farmers will receive training over a five-year period with the aim of planting 50,000 trees and training as many farmers as possible. The project also aims to reduce poverty, as farmers reduce dependency on buying materials from agro shops, instead growing and selling produce themselves. Meanwhile, organic farming methods increase water and soil quality and quantity.

With your support, we will help preserve a critically important global ecosystem and help make the world a better and greener place.


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