Corporate Support

Partnering with APOPO is a win-win opportunity.

For APOPO it represents an investment in the future, the safety, and the lives of citizens across the globe as we continue our life-saving work. For our corporate partners, beyond the intangible reward of helping others, offering support extends a variety of benefits listed below.

1. Branding

By partnering with APOPO you can highlight the positive contribution your company can make to the world. Our eye catching humanitarian work creates opportunities for exposure which will leave a positive impression on your clients and customers alike. 

2. Competitive Advantage 

Partnering with APOPO will set your business apart from the competition. Your support of our organization’s innovative problem solving, in conjunction with APOPO’s proven track record and reputation, will help position your company as an industry leader with out-of-the-box thinking.

3. Widening Demographics 

Supporting a cause that isn’t directly related to your line of work instils the element of surprise—the unexpected partnership will prove to be intriguing and memorable. The APOPO community boasts people from the science world, animal lovers, and history buffs among others, your support would help you to engage with new and existing audiences in exciting ways. 

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