Join us in this urgent call for Congress to take bolder action on demining in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam!

Nearly five decades after the conclusion of the Vietnam War, the lingering presence of unexploded ordnance dropped by the United States during that time continues to cause devastating harm to innocent individuals in the affected region. Men, women, and children have suffered injuries or lost their lives due to these explosive hazards over the years. Moreover, these dangerous remnants of war hinder the productive use of land and impede the construction of vital infrastructure, further impacting communities.

We at APOPO have been using our remarkable animals, such as our HeroRATs and HeroDOGs to clear these hazardous remnants along the Thailand-Cambodia border. Through our collaborative efforts with partners in the demining sector, a significant number of explosives have already been discovered and safely destroyed. As a result, vast areas of fertile land have been rendered safe and returned to vulnerable communities in rural Southeast Asia. This has provided opportunities for livelihoods, lifting entire families out of poverty and transforming lives.

APOPO aims to expand the deployment of detection animals in the region, enabling a faster and more cost-efficient cleanup of this deadly legacy compared to traditional methods. The involvement of funding from the U.S. government can play a crucial role in helping achieve this important objective.

We appeal to you to join us in making a difference. Together, let us raise our voices and ensure that Congress is aware of our stance on this significant issue.

Please ask your Representative to support funding for humanitarian demining programs today.

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