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About Mannes

Name: Mannes (MAN-NESS)
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 20 April 2017
Job title: Technical Survey Dog
Birthplace: Germany
Current Location: Cambodia
Length: 110cms
Weight: 29kgs
Favourite food: Meat flavour kibbles
Personality: Fun-loving and cheeky



A Nose For Landmines

Mannes is trained to detect explosives which means he can ignore scrap metal hidden within the ground, unlike metal detectors. When he detects explosives, Mannes signals to his handler by sitting next to the area of interest.

A Rest In The Shade

Based in Cambodia, Mannes has acclimatised to the heat of the working day, but just like his handler he still needs regular rest breaks in the shade and plenty of fresh water.

A Bond Like No Other

Mannes and his handler, Sorm Sarann, have a strong bond which means Mannes follows every command, intent on pleasing his handler. Such obedience keeps Mannes focused on the task at hand when out in active minefields.


1. Not a single HeroDOG has ever been harmed during APOPO’s detection activities.

2.HeroDOGs can work in areas of dense vegetation without the need to remove trees, bushes and grassland.

3.HeroDOGs detect only explosives and ignore scrap metal.

4.HeroDOGs must pass stringent accreditation tests before being deployed.

5.Belgian and German Shepherds are intelligent and hardworking breeds who can hold a high level of focus over a long period of time.


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