APOPO’s Recent Training Success in Cambodia

Building on our established reputation in innovative landmine clearance, APOPO recently concluded an important 8-week training program for eight mine detection rat (MDR) trainers in Cambodia. This course is another step forward in our ongoing efforts to expand the expertise and reach of our operations in mine-affected areas.

Specialized MDR Training Under APOPO Supervision

The initial four weeks of the training program were dedicated to MDR training, supervised by APOPO’s own experts, Shirima and Shafii, in Kampong Chhnang. This stage, balanced in gender participation, saw eight trainees mastering skills in handling and working with our HeroRATs. One of the female trainees, who was already a trained deminer, skipped the demining phase of the training program that followed.

Collaborative Approach to Demining Training

APOPO female rat handler Ms Tok Chantha receives her certificate of training

The following four weeks, conducted in partnership with the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) in Siem Reap, focused on demining training. This phase involved the remaining seven trainees, ensuring they are well-versed in both theory and practice of demining operations. In line with our commitment to capacity building, Somanda, Technical Advisor and HeroRAT Trainer from Tanzania also participated to further his expertise in this crucial field.

Impact and Future Directions

The successful completion of this training by all involved demonstrates the effectiveness of APOPO’s committed approach to enhancing local mine action capacity. These new experts are now integral to our efforts in Cambodia, ready to join our mission of creating safer communities and advancing our goal of a mine-free world.

Our ongoing commitment to training and development, under the guidance of experienced professionals like Shirima and Shafii, not only expands our operational capabilities but also strengthens the communities we serve, supporting their recovery and development.

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APOPO Cambodia remains most grateful to its donors and partners who are instrumental to the success of our mine clearance program.

Mine Action Cambodia Partners and Donors