Our People

APOPO’s dedicated team is made up of experts from all backgrounds who bring a diverse and progressive element to our work.


Christophe Cox

CEO & Co-Founder

Ronald Simon


Michael Heiman

Head of Mine Action

Dr. Cindy Fast

Head of Training/Innovation

Dr. Tefera Agizew

Head of Tuberculosis

Anna Bouchier

Swiss Director

Charlie Richter

U.S. Director

Esther Haalboom

Executive Secretary

Michael Raine

Program Manager MA Cambodia

Manuel João Agostinho

Program Manager MA Angola

Mikael Bold

Program Manager MA Zimbabwe

Itamar Levy

Program Manager MA Azerbaijan

Nicholas Guest

Program Manager MA Ukraine

Ibro Tinjak

MA Head Dog Trainer

Dr. Negussie Beyene

Program Manager TB Ethiopia

Dr. Joseph Soka

Program Manager TB Tanzania

Robert Burny

Program Manager TB Mozambique

Javier Castillo

Head of Marketing

Nicolas Chammas

Head of IT

Lily Shallom

Communications Manager

Sambat Meas

Visitor Center Manager

Caterina Saccardo

Content Officer

Jen Yoder

Donor Service Support

Emma Mortiboy

Public Fundraising Officer


Kristien Verbrugghen

Board Member

Thierry de Meulder

Board Member

Piet van Hove

Board Member

Gerrit Ruitinga

Board Member

Dr. Adee Schoon

Board Member 

Joris Schoofs


Professor Herwig Leirs