Thank you for considering giving your time to APOPO – we understand that time is as valuable as money, and we have various roles where you can help us!

Administrative Roles


We often have projects that require someone with a keen eye for detail. Administrative roles could include data cleansing, proofreading, or assisting with other administrative duties.


If this is something that you are interested in helping us with, please complete the form below.


Marketing and Fundraising Roles


We are an incredibly efficient organization and are proud that 90% of every donation goes directly to the work that we do on the ground. This is because we believe it is more important to allocate generous donations to saving lives. We are always looking for someone with experience in social media, website development, copywriting, or communications who would be willing to lend us some expertise! If this is something that you feel you could do, please do complete the form below.


Become an APOPO Ambassador


If you are passionate about APOPO, our HeroRATs, or any part of our work and would love to share your enthusiasm, this role could be for you! We are looking for people who would be willing to learn more about our work and present to small fundraising groups, such as local schools, Lions and Rotary Clubs etc. Full training will be given, and a prepared presentation supplied. If this sounds interesting, please complete the form below.


Operational Roles


Unfortunately, we do not offer physical volunteering roles in our countries of operation due to logistics, health and safety and our ethos of hiring locally as much as possible. We do, however, have an open call for applications for students looking for a project, or interns looking for an assignment. 


We accept applications from professionals experienced in mine action, olfactory research, or tuberculosis detection. Your information will be sent along to APOPO leadership; if there is a role for which you are suited, they will contact you to discuss the next steps.


Application Form


We encourage applications and ideas from all sectors and backgrounds that may be able to assist APOPO. Unique and interesting  applications are highly encouraged!

Please use the form below to apply for a position or describe your idea. We appreciate all submissions; however, we may only respond to the ones that may be of particular interest at that time. However, we do archive all submissions to be reviewed if a particular need arises. And if your submission is a good fit we would get in touch with you.

Please attach a cover letter, CV, proposal, or any other supporting documents to this form, preferably in separate documents.


Complete the form here: https://bit.ly/3CWCFcp


Thank you for your interest in APOPO and for taking the time to complete your application.