Supporter Promise

Here at APOPO, our biggest helpers are not the HeroRATS, the handlers, or the behind-the-scenes workers—our greatest support comes from people like you. The help provided by our generous supporters, from around the world, ensures we can move forward with our life-saving work.

Our promise to you, then, includes four important guarantees:

1. We hear you.

Your feedback is always welcome at APOPO. We want to be the best we can and if you think we can do something better we want to hear about it.  We are always available to contact through a variety of means, whether by email, social media channels, or otherwise and are ready to listen!

2. We will treat you with the respect you deserve.

As our supporters, you are truly our most important asset and deserve to be treated with warmth, respect and patience. We promise to be friendly and open as we communicate, since we hope that the relationship you develop with APOPO proves to be a trusting and long-lasting one.

3. We maintain transparency when necessary, as well as privacy.

It’s important that we maintain a good balance of transparency and privacy as we work with you. We will ensure that we are always open and clear about where your donations will go and what they will do. We also protect your privacy and will never share your information or pressure you to support us in a way you are not comfortable with.

4. We put your generosity to good work.

Your support — no matter how large or how small — can truly make a big difference, and we hope to repay your support by maximizing the range of your impact. We promise that your generosity will not go unnoticed and will instead continue to change the lives of those afflicted by TB or landmines around the world. 92% of every donation you make goes directly to the work that we do on the ground and we are very proud of our four-star Charity Navigator rating, which assures you that we are using your generosity only for good. 

You can get in touch with us using the form below or by email using If you prefer you can also reach us through social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.