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Your gift will support APOPO and our HeroRATs and HeroDOGs to solve pressing humanitarian problems.


A Basket of Bananas
Buy our HeroRATs their favourite treat. Bananas spread joy and provide HeroRats with the energy and strength needed to s...
Love Bomb
Fund the explosives that will safely destroy unexploded landmines found buried beneath the earth. Your gift will help se...
HeroRAT Health Check
Give a HeroRat a clean bill of health and support our vets in providing weekly health checks to ensure all of our Heros...
Socialize a HeroRAT Pup
Support our HeroRAT pup's first steps to becoming a future hero by funding trainers like Uncle Albert to love and care f...
Dinner for Two
Buy the lovely gift of a romantic dinner for two to support our breeding program. This gift includes a candlelit dinner...
Clear 30SQM of Minefield
Minefields threaten lives and prevent development. With this gift, you can help APOPO and the HeroRats return land to lo...
Love Nest
Support our HeroRats breeding program by giving the gift of a cozy nest for HeroRat couples, perfect for creating new li...
APOPO Deminer
Protect a Deminer
Clearing landmines is dangerous work, but you can help our staff to stay safe by buying a top of the range demining suit...
Screen 200 TB samples
Give the gift of tuberculosis (TB) detection by supporting APOPO and the HeroRATs in quickly findingthe deadly disease t...
Easy Rider
With this gift, you will ensure the maintenance of our special motorbikes which are used for quick delivery of tuberculo...
TB Education
Give the gift of educating more people and raising awareness of the devastating health, social, and economic impacts of...


LoveRAT Gift Collection
This gift collection includes a Love Bomb, Love Nest, and...
HealthyRAT Gift Collection
This gift collection includes a variety of foods including bananas...
SmartRAT Gift Collection
Every Hero Gift donor receives a gift certificate that you...



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Six year old Claudi was very sick. His local clinic didn't know why.
Read how APOPO identified his TB.

How HeroGIFTs help

1. Choose a HeroGIFT 2. Personalise it and make it special 3. Help a great cause and save lives.

Gifts in action

Each time you buy a HeroGIFT you'll be making a direct contribution to APOPO's life-saving work, providing innovative solutions to global problems.

Where your money goes

Each gift directly supports one of three areas - Mine Clearance, TB Detection, or HeroRAT Care.