APOPO Visitor Center

 The APOPO Visitor Center is open every day from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.
Keep in mind that the last tour begins at 4:30 pm.


Tour Prices 2024:
- Joint Tour $10 per person.
- ⁠Private Tour: 1-4 people $30 per person.
- ⁠Private Tour: 5-20 people $20 per person.


Book in advance: email us at visitor.center@apopo.org, or call +855 81599237/+855 61799237.


Address: Trapeang Ses Village, Kouk Chauk Commune, Koumai Road, Siem Reap 171253, Cambodia (Map)

What to do in Siem Reap? Visit APOPO's Landmine Rats!

What to do in Siem Reap? Visit APOPO’s Landmine Rats! If you’re looking for cool things to do in Siem Reap, why not stop by the APOPO Visitor Center and take a unique guided tour? You can find out all about how we train our amazing HeroRATs to find landmines and you can meet them, too. A visit to the APOPO Visitor Center is considered to be one of the top attractions in Siem Reap and among the best things to do in Cambodia for children. It’s also a great way to complement your visit to the tourist sites of Siem Reap such as Angkor Wat, other ancient temples, and national parks. Cambodia is one of the most land-mine affected countries in the world, but for the last 25 years APOPO has worked to clear landmines here and across the world. We train African giant pouched rats (they are much cuter than they sound and super smart, too!) to sniff out the TNT in explosives in the ground. Our work keeps people safe by reclaiming land from the dangers of landmines, and returning it to farmers and local communities, allowing them to thrive once again.

Steph G
Steph G
Small heroes This was such an informative and eye-opening visit. It is so important that every tourist taking in the beauty and history of Siem Reap and Angkor take the time to go to the APOPO visitor centre and learn about the amazing work that the hero rats and their handlers are doing. It's a terrible fact that Cambodians are still suffering horrendous injuries from land mines so many years after the end of the Khmer Rouge era. Please make sure to contribute something to their essential task. (The rats are really cute too!)
You will be shocked with how much you learn & how you now feel about rats! I was a bit dubious about visiting rats, but my goodness I'm glad I did! The work this charity does is extremely impressive & it shows how passionate they are when you listen to them talk & then watch the rats (huge!) in action. Before this trip I knew nothing of APOPO which is entirely charity run. Their work is invaluable. It really is worth the visit.
A very interesting insight A really nice gem to visit and find out about the very important mine-searching rats througout Cambodia.Very interesting tour, friendly staff and lots of new impressions on the „other side of Cambodia“.Very much recommended!
Learn about land mines and the hero rats I can’t say enough good things about this project. Go there learn about their mission and you will want to support the work they are doing. This visit is the highlight of our visit to siem reap area. More so than the angkor complex. This will leave a lasting impression on you. We decided to do our part to assist/support the mission by adopting a hero rat for a year.
Ian G
Ian G
Rats clearing mines! Vital work covered in an interesting way Apopo is situated about half way between town and Angkor Wat (3Km), right on the main road. They run a great presentation, highlighting the care they take off the animals in their charge and covering the vital work that they do. They have a small so of slightly overpriced goods which are sold to help find the service. You can also (as I did) symbolically adopt a rat if you believe in what they’re doing and want to help in a more substantial way. It’s not hard sell at all. The tour takes 30-45 minutes and it is educational and fun and you get an opportunity to handle the rays of that interests you.
alex & mariola
alex & mariola
Interesting tour/something different We hadn't planned to come here but one afternoon of visiting the temples it rained so as we were passing we stopped off. Very interesting - take the quick tour it's only 30-40 mins but you see the rats in action sniffing out landmines and learn a lot about how many landmines are stuck around the World. You can handle the rats if you want they were surprisingly cute and fun to handle. We really enjoyed this and it is a very good cheap backup option in Siem Reap if your scheduled stuff gets rained off as it is all under cover.
Amazing experience We cannot recommend this experience enough. After visiting Angkor Wat we were keen to experience and understand more about the area so we visited the APOPO centre and were blown away not only by the work they do, but also by the animals themselves. You’ll never think about a rat in the same way again. The experience teaches you a little history, explains current challenges, and shows you how these hero rats literally save lives. We also had the opportunity to hold one of the rats which was incredible. It was more akin to holding a puppy. If you wince at the idea of holding a rat then this experience will blow away any misconceptions you might harbour. Be prepared for a rat to steal your heart! That’s a line I never thought I’d say…
A fascinating and uplifting visit Don't miss a visit to see the HeroRats that are doing such a great job to rid Cambodia of its unexploded mines and bombs. Like most Brits we wouldn't normally go near rats but these giant African rats specially trained to sniff-out explosives were so delightful and my wife and I were happy to cuddle them!By visiting, you are supporting the vital work they are doing to reduce the appalling injuries (mainly to children) that are still happening thanks to civil war and foreign bombing.
Rats!!! APOPO - Humanitarian Demining Very informative! I wasn’t aware of the landmine dangersIn Cambodia.Also, I didn’t realize the advantages or even the capabilities of training large rats.
caroline w
caroline w
Brilliant, mine detecting rats from Tanzania These rats are incredibly clever. They are trained in Tanzania where they are bred. It takes 6 to 9 months to train a rat. They are huge, cuddly creatures with an enormous of whiskers, pink feet and pink ears. They suffer from sunburn so they have to have factor 50 put on their tails. They work early in the morning before it gets too hot and then are happy to return by 11 in the morning to their air-conditioned cage. They have cleared millions of acres all over the world of land mines, saving thousands of lives and allowing people to go back to their farming, allowing children to walk safely to school et cetera.


Adopt a HeroRAT

Support Ronin's health and wellbeing by adopting this landmine detection rat.

Donate $100

Support our VC staff and HeroRATs.

Clear 30 SQM

Support our HeroRATs and deminers by donating enough to clear a 30 square meters of minefields.


Add the APOPO Visitor Center to your list of places to visit in Siem Reap. You'll experience the realities of humanitarian demining and how we train our rats to save lives. It's a truly fascinating and different kind of tourist attraction, but one you are bound to enjoy. You will learn about landmines, how we clear them, and see a live demo of the HeroRATs at work on a simulated minefield. Learn about how Cambodia became one of the most mine-affected countries in the world and what APOPO and its partners are doing to make it safe for the population.


An experienced and friendly English-speaking tour guide will take you on a special tour of the APOPO Visitor Center. Each tour guide’s passion and in-depth knowledge of APOPO's work make this one of the best things to do in Siem Reap while you are here. Take the opportunity to learn more about landmines, Cambodian history, APOPO's humanitarian demining work, and meet our adorable African-born HeroRATs. Ask as many questions as you like and even get to handle one of our HeroRATs, if you want to.


See a live APOPO HeroRAT in action! We have a demonstration area where the HeroRATs sniff out buried items and scratch at the surface to indicate they've found something. Then they receive a tasty treat from their trainers as a reward. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience and should be on everyone's list of things to see in Siem Reap.
Thoeun with one of the rats he works with- at the APOPO Visitor Center in Siem Reap.00005


The APOPO Visitor Center Gift Shop has a range of HeroRAT merchandise as well as items produced locally in Siem Reap. Whether you want to adopt a HeroRAT, buy a t-shirt, or take home a unique handcrafted Cambodian souvenir, our staff will help you find the perfect memento for you.


At the end of your guided tour treat yourself to a refreshing drink, take a seat, relax, and watch a video about APOPO and the HeroRATs saving lives around the world. This is also where our guides answer any additional questions you may have.


APOPO’s Visitor Center is a great tourist place to visit in Cambodia and should be included in every Siem Reap excursion or day tour. A guided tour of the Visitor Center gives you the chance to discover the history of conflict in Cambodia, the impact of landmines on local communities, and to meet and see the HeroRATs in action. You'll also end your Siem Reap tour knowing that great work is being done to make Cambodia safe for everyone.


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Read our amazing reviews on Tripadvisor:

Casey SpaceCasey Space
12:14 29 Jan 23
I am obsessed with how they demine the land. I loved coming to learn about the rats and their handlers and how this program came to be. It's cool they do a demo and let you pet or hold a hero. Loved the video and the stuff in the gift shop. Nice designs, they got professionals doing designs for sure. I bought a rat ring and I love it.
03:50 03 Nov 22
A very informative presentation, both outside and in the TV-seated area. The guide had a fantastic command of technical English, so was able to respond to any of the group's questions. Highly recommended.
Megan JonesMegan Jones
00:06 06 Aug 22
This is a great place to visit in Siem Reap. Very informative about the history of landmine removal all over the world and how the rats are trained. You will see a live demonstration and then get to hold a rat if you're brave enough. Only $8 and a very worthy cause
Sharelle TaylorSharelle Taylor
06:06 22 May 22
Wow I loved this. I learned so much about the land Mine problem in Cambodia and this amazing charitable project trains animals to help rid the land of mines. Many Cambodians are injured regularly by explosives left from the war and these rats are doing incredible work and it was amazing to see them in action and pet them. They are very well looked after.
Desiree BryanDesiree Bryan
07:34 03 Feb 22
This educational tour lasts about 45 min and you see a demo of a rat finding a landmine and then have the opportunity to hold a rat. It’s a really informative tour and important mission. The tours are at the top of each hour but call in advance to let them know you are coming. We’re glad we made the time to come by.