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Corine Timmer

Author, Corine Timmer wanted to donate proceeds of her book to our HeroRATs! Corine Timmer is a renowned writer, living in rural Portugal with nine street dogs and other animals. Her short-form poetry has been published in respected print and web haiku journals and anthologies. During the past five years, her haiku, photo haiku and …

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Shae and Friends

Shae and friends hike for HeroRATs! Shae and other students at Nørre Gymnasium in Copenhagen decided to fundraise for charity as part of their CAS project (contributing towards their International Baccalaureate). The team quickly decided that they wanted to raise money for APOPO’s HeroRATs by undertaking a huge 116-kilometer hike from Copenhagen to Malmö. No …

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Patrick Moriarty

Textile designer, Patrick was opposed to landmines and fond of rats and knew the perfect way to fundraise for us! Textile designer, Patrick Moriarty discovered APOPO online. and having always been opposed to landmines and fond of the rat species, he decided he would raise money through his textiles for APOPO! Patrick had been planning …

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Matt and friends hike to raise money for APOPO

Matt Carroll

Matt and friends took on a 25km hike in aid of our HeroRATs! Having kept rats as a child, when Matt saw APOPO’s HeroRATs on Facebook one day, the cause really caught his eye! Matt immediately started following our HeroRATs on social media and last year, Matt decided he wanted to fundraise for our HeroRATs …

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Staten Island Zoo Fundraising for APOPO

Staten Island Zoo

Staten Island Zoo’s chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers (SIZ AAZK) fundraises for our HeroRATs! Staten Island Zoo’s chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers (SIZ AAZK) regularly fundraises for conservation organizations and non-profits, usually those that support animals that are housed at the Staten Island Zoo. Jessica Hartmann, Vice President of SIZ AAZK, …

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Tanzania – Rajabu

Rajabu is stuck in a downward spiral of poverty as he deals with the realities of having tuberculosis. “My name is Rajabu and I am 40 years old. I am married and have four children under the age of 15. Life has become very challenging since I fell sick with tuberculosis (TB). Every day is …

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Tanzania – Nilham

Salama, Nilham’s aunt shares her perspective on 5-year-old Nilham’s journey recovering from tuberculosis. Nilham is under her mother’s care, while her father lives elsewhere in Dar es Salaam. Despite their separation, he does provide for Nilham. As for me, I live with Nilham, and I have been taking care of her every day since she …

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Tanzania – Lucia

Lucia contracted tuberculosis and struggled with a weakened immune system. My name is Lucia Massawe and I’m 28, married and I have three children. Although I originally come from Moshi up north, my family moved to Dar es Salaam when I was a child, and we settled in Buza. After getting married, I moved to …

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