Progressive School of Long Island

Progressive School of Long Island

Lisa Rand from the Progressive School of Long Island

Lisa was well versed on the ability of rats as her daughter had pet rats growing up and in fact, Lisa adopted one of APOPO’s HeroRATs for her daughter as a gift! Lisa is a sixth-grade teacher at The Progressive School of Long Island in Merrick, New York. 

Lisa’s 6th-grade class decided to help APOPO’s HeroRATs after they read a novel called Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, where the children learned about what amazing creatures rats are. Following this discovery, Lisa showed them APOPO’s website and the work of our HeroRATs. The students decided to have a bake sale and hold a raffle to raise money for the HeroRATs immediately!

Lisa says: 

“The children and the teachers were very excited to fundraise for APOPO’s HeroRATs, and I already thought it was a wonderful organization, due to me having adopted a HeroRAT for my daughter! We are a small private school that emphasizes awareness and compassion for all living creatures and believes in community service and APOPO’s work really fitted this well. It was a perfect match! 

Spreading awareness about how these rats are helping people, how intelligent these creatures are, and how our respect and awareness of the intelligence in animals can benefit humans is so important for the children to learn.” 

The class ran their bake sale and also raffled off a beautiful stuffed rat to raise money and the children raised a wonderful $250! Thank you so very much for your amazing support, class six! 

APOPO is delighted that you decided to fundraise for our HeroRATs and we are so impressed with your incredible generosity and support – thank you! 

If you would like to fundraise for APOPO, please fill out this form.

With your support, we can clear landmines, detect tuberculosis, and save lives. You can donate monthly, yearly, or one single time.

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