Full cheek pellet@2x

By Micaela Bernardez Vidal | Quality Assurance Manager

Shipment of quality feeds arrive from Australia.

For the third year in a row, APOPO’s HeroRATs in Tanzania and Cambodia have received a very generous donation of a yearlong supply of specialist quality rat feed for our furry heroes!

Australian-based Specialty Feeds mainly supply diets to the research community – largely small animals in laboratories but also farm animals for agricultural research and native animals for environmental projects.

This latest shipment adds up to almost 2000 kg of rat pellets kindly donated to our programs in Tanzania and Cambodia since 2018. Not only have they carefully crafted just what is needed to supplement our rat’s fresh food diet but the organization goes above and beyond as this vital cargo was also shipped and delivered free of charge!

In 2019 APOPO were lucky enough to participate with them at the ANZLAA conference and we took the opportunity to visit the company’s offices in Western Australia.

We cannot thank Specialty Feeds enough for their very generous support of APOPO’s life-saving mission. Watch HeroRATs Madoffee and Chifupa enjoying a special Christmas #FullCheekFriday here.

APOPO and the HeroRATs are most grateful to Specialty Feeds for their continued support and investment into the welfare of our animals.