What comes to mind when you think of rats? Disease, death, or the creatures scampering just a feet away from you on the subway? It’s time to rethink everything you’ve ever thought about rats and discover these amazing creatures for yourself.

Rethink Rats Facts

Fact #1: Rats laugh when tickled. In fact, tickling has even been shown to make rats feel more optimistic. You can watch it here.

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Fact #2: The Police in the Dutch city of Rotterdam employs five brown rats to detect illegal drugs and explosives.


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Fact #3: A tuberculosis detection rat screens a hundred samples in 20 minutes, this would take a lab technician four days.

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Fact #4: Rats are used as therapy animals for children with developmental disabilities. Their small size may be less threatening to some children, and therapy centers with limited space can easily house a few rats. Watch it here.

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Fact #5: Rats are some of the cleanest animals in the world, spending several hours every day
grooming themselves and their group members. Watch it here.

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Fact #6: APOPO’s Mine-Detection rats can search around 200 square meters in 20 minutes. This
would take up to four days depending on levels of scrap metal. Find out how it works.

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Fact #7: A rat can go longer than a camel without having a drink of water.

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Fact #8: Rats are worshiped and fed by priests and pilgrims in the Karni Devi, a temple completely devoted to them. As Bubonic Plague ravaged the region, rats at Karni Devi kept invading species (and their fleas) out of the area, helping to keep the area disease free.


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Fact #9: Rats are very social and affectionate animals that take care of injured and sick rats in their group.

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Fact #10: APOPO’s Mine Detection Rats have detected more than 50,000 landmine and UXO (unexploded bombs) and helped clear more than 23 million sqm2 of suspected minefield.

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Discover three myths about rats and the surprising truth.

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