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Sunday, 14th of April 2024

Reading half marathon

Sunday, 13th of October 2024

Pictures of Past Events

Tough Mudder 2023                                                Tough Mudder 2023 2                                             Tough Mudder 2023 3

Pictures from the Tough Mudder event in 2023


APOPO is a non-profit organization with Belgian roots. For 25 years we have tackled landmines or tuberculosis around the world and we are a global leader in training scent detection animals. Since its humble beginnings, APOPO has responded to the devastating impact of landmines on people living in post-conflict areas by developing a fast, simple, and cost-efficient mine clearance technology. Our methods are easily applied to national mine action programs in low-income countries. Through our unique method of using trained African giant pouched rats, APOPO has been highly effective in detecting landmines, which has allowed us to expand our efforts into other fields, such as tuberculosis (TB) control, and to train Technical Survey Dogs for landmine clearance activities.

As a research organization, APOPO remains committed to staying at the forefront of developing new humanitarian and environmental applications. We provide low-tech, cost-efficient solutions to pressing humanitarian challenges. APOPO’s innovative scent detection technology has huge potential to relieve human suffering and promote development when deployed in the fight against tuberculosis and landmines, along with other applications that are under development. 

Help contribute to vital mine clearance and tuberculosis detection around the world.