Open Call for Applications

Are you a student looking for a project, an intern looking for an assignment or a professional looking for a career?

Are you experienced in Mine Action or Tuberculosis Detection, Animal Behaviour, or olfactory Research, or do you have any skill which can help us to achieve our goals? We are happy to receive and store your CV and application and come back to you when a matching position opens up.

APOPO is an innovative and rapidly growing organization. As such, we are continuously seeking creative ideas, partnerships, employees, and collaborations to enhance the organization’s initiatives.

We encourage applications and ideas from all sectors and backgrounds that may be able to assist APOPO. Unique, interesting, and clever applications are highly encouraged.

Please use the form below to apply for a position or describe your idea. We highly appreciate all submissions, however we may only respond to the ones that may be of particular interest at that time. We will archive all submissions to be reviewed if a particular need arises that matches your submission.

Please also attach a cover letter, CV, proposal, or any supporting documents to this form, preferably in separate documents.

We thank you for your interest in APOPO and for taking the time in completing this form.