2021 APOPO Annual Report Released

APOPO Annual Report 2021
APOPO Annual Report 2021

A year of growth and expansion.

For the past two years, we have all faced the unprecedented challenge of a global pandemic that has not spared any country, community or family. A semblance of normal life has resumed at a time when the world is facing more armed conflict than ever before, and when the undeniable effects of climate change can be seen around the world. These effects have prompted us to expand and diversify our HeroTREEs project.

Yet, through great uncertainty, we have also seen bright rays of hope in the places where APOPO works. APOPO is a progressive organization and our studies and data collection inform the science that has improved not only the performance of our animals but also our understanding of how best to cost-effectively integrate them into existing systems. To achieve our goals, we grow and support a culture in which we work together to embrace an evidence-based, innovative, and sustainable approach to our work, while never losing sight of the people. 

We are proud to share with you the 2021 achievements and milestones in this report. Thank you to all of you who have supported us in our mission!

APOPO is most grateful for the generous support from all our partners and donors.